BBH LA Gets Mark Mothersbaugh for Google Play Series

By Erik Oster 

BBH Los Angeles worked with Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh in the latest installment for Google Play’s “California Inspires Me” series, a collaboration with California Sunday magazine featuring interviews with notable Californians set to animation.

Mothersbaugh describes growing up legally blind and how he wasn’t really interested in music until he saw The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. The animation, directed by Madrid-based duo Manson, works really well to bring the interview to life. Between the dreamy animation and the always interesting Mothersbaugh, it makes for a very enjoyable viewing experience (especially if you’re a Devo fan), not dragging at all while clocking in at over three minutes.


“We wanted to get across the surprising way the state of California can be this great, unexpected haven for creativity—a place for dreamers and misfits,” Josh Webman, creative director at BBH LA, told Adweek. “There’s a certain allure there, and an ideal that feeds right into a dreamy fantasy. To that end, we do always ask the illustrators to give us a bit of a surreal/fantasy vibe. That’s the great thing about animation: You can open it up and tell a person’s story in a less formal way.”