BBH L.A. Collaborates With Students to Create First Instagram Coloring Book for March For Our Lives

By Erik Oster 

BBH Los Angeles has created the first-ever Instagram coloring book.

The agency collaborated with students on a series of digital protest posters for March For Our Lives, featuring messages such as “ABC Not NRA,” “Never Again” and “Not One More.” March For Our Lives then shared the coloring book via Instagram, calling on viewers to utilize it to create their own protest poster.

“These students are literally fighting to make it safer for my kids to go to school. That’s why we had to get involved. It’s the difference between life and death for students everywhere,” BBH L.A. executive creative director Zach Hilder said in a statement. “We wanted to give them tools to elevate their voices, create a way to unify their message and allow everyone to participate in the march—even those who can’t attend in person. That’s the inspiration for Color For Our Lives.”


“We’ve been connected to the March For Our Lives organization through a close agency partner who approached us. It was an open brief on ways to put the kids and their message first,” Hider added. “This is the students who are leading this effort. That’s why we created the coloring book. So it wasn’t some slick ad agency take on messaging, but instead we used their messaging and gave them a new platform to create.”

Creatives at BBH weren’t the only people in the industry inspired to act on behalf of March For Our Lives. Employees at Digitas, Huge, Y&R and 180 L.A. created a fictitious website purporting to sell bulletproof apparel for children, while creatives from a variety of agencies contributed to a “Signs For Our Lives” project started by a group of McKinney employees providing visitors a series of protest signs to print or share on social media.