BBH L.A. and E! News Know How Much the Tweens Love Bieber

By Patrick Coffee 

Hello, teens. Are you ready for the annual celebration of the videos featuring music?

The VMAs return this weekend. E! News will be there on the red carpet to talk shit about other people’s fashion choices, and we will be busy watching quite literally anything else that happens to be on.

Like other grown-ups, we are amusingly clueless about what the kids are watching. Who is Blac Chyna, and what does she have against Kylie Jenner?! Thankfully, BBH L.A. recently made a series of advertisements, to be aired on your local television, schooling those Adults on their lack of knowledge.


The first one is not so believable, though. Even our parents know who Bieb is, and we are embarrassingly more than halfway through our 30s.

Next, back to the Chyna thing.

What 40-something mom would be discussing a person who “is often referred to as a ‘video vixen’ due to her frequent appearances in hip hop music videos”? Also, who is Rob and how is he involved?? We are fairly glad we don’t know the answers to these questions.

We do know this next one, though. What do we win?

These spots were directed by Guy Shelmerdine of Smuggler, who has every Iggy Azalea album on vinyl and collectors’ edition DVD.

Remember when all you had to do to get attention at the VMAs was climb up a wall to “protest” Limp Bizkit?

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Production Company: Smuggler
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