BBH Goes Way Back, Back Into Time for Big Budget Absolut Spot

By Patrick Coffee 

BBH London went epic for its newest Absolut campaign.

This one goes way beyond kissing or gay pride or a night out with Deadmau5 or any of the other themes driving recent Absolut promos. The only way to sum it up, really, is to say that it represents everything.

So…the whole of human (and pre-human) history was leading up to throwback disco and mid-shelf vodka?

JKLOL, they also threw Elvis and Nina Simone and the end of the Cold War in there. And the “big idea” in question seems to be creativity itself, which may or may have had anything to do with the almost-certainly-accidental discovery of the fermentation process.


One reason this ad is so epic—beyond the budget, of course—is that cinematographer and frequent Alejandro González Iñárritu collaborator Emmanuel Lubezki worked on it, as did … Juliette Lewis??

The press release compares this collaboration to past efforts by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

From BBH London ECD Ian Heartfield: “Great ideas happen when people get together, more often than not the best of these ideas occur at night. This film is a celebration of the greatest idea that came from a night—the creation of life itself. It is the perfect launch for Create A Better Tomorrow, Tonight, Absolut’s celebratory call to arms.”

As our colleague put it, the work is kind of like this classic Guinness ad, but in reverse.

Now here’s your Jimmy Castor link.


BBH Executive Creative Director: Ian Heartfield
BBH Creative Team: Simon Cenamor & Raymond Chan
BBH Producer: Victoria Keenan
BBH Assistant Producer: Zaf Choudhury
BBH Business Lead: Kate Roberts
BBH Account Manager: David White
BBH Account Executive: Janki Shah
BBH Strategy Director: Melanie Arrow
BBH Strategist: Raphael Bittner
Production Credits:
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director: Emmanuel ‘Chivo’ Lubezki
MD: Stephen Brierley
Executive Producer (LA): Caroline Kousidonis
Executive Producer (London): Sophie Hubble
Producer: Nick Goldsmith
Post Production: Framestore
Creative Director: Andy Rowan Robinson
VFX Producer: Charles Howell
2D: Raul Ortego, Sebastien Boulange, Gigi NG, Karch Coon, Nick Tanner
3D: Phil Robinson, Charlotte Bae, Nate Diehl, Georgios Cherouvim, Mohamed
Design: Callum McKeveny
Editing House: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Russell Icke
Assistant Editor: Greg Hayes & Joe D’Ovidio
Producer: Antonia Porter
Colour: Company 3 NYC
Colourist: Tom Poole
Producer: Alex Lubrano
Music and Sound: Soundtree
Creative Director: Peter Raeburn
Music Supervisor: Jay James
Sound Designer: Henning Knoepfel
Music Editor: Luke Fabia