BBDO Warsaw and Mercedes Help Save Stupid Tourists

By Patrick Coffee Comment

Jung Von Matt’s recently-released final ad for Mercedes-Benz utilized a huge budget to hire lots of athletes with the goal of explaining why the client’s new SUV line would be the most important thing ever in history.

BBDO’s Warsaw office and production company Papaya combined forces to go epic in a very different way: by focusing on a group of extreme “athletes” who operate with the support of Mercedes. Why? Because when tasked with rescuing dumb tourists who can’t figure out how to remove themselves from sticky, gravity-challenged situations, the first thing any rational person thinks is, “This job calls for a fucking Mercedes.”

That was certainly an expansive little film.

So the protagonist Michał Kucharzewski is a real mountain man. Specifically, he’s a member of the Mountain Rescue Association, to which Mercedes donates automobiles. Unlike an unfortunate “movement” that shares its acronym, this MRA does not discriminate.

We do respect Kucharzewski a bit more for not judging dumb tourists.

Note that the drones BBDO and Papaya used to film this spot are like Milford men: neither seen nor heard.

Client: Mercedes-Benz Poland
Agency: BBDO Warsaw
Creative Director: Kamil Redestowicz
Creative Team: Mateusz Wójcik, Kamil Kucharczyk
Planner: Bartek Gomółka
Agency Producer: Bartosz Okólski
Business Directors: Renata Gerek, Agata Ciecierska
Production Company: Papaya
Director: Antek Nykowski
Executive Producers: Kacper Sawicki, Paweł Bondarowicz
Producer: Sebastian Jurczek
DP: Michal Dabal, PSC
Editor: Magda Mikołajczyk
Post Production: Platige Image
Post Producer: Sylwia Ślusarczyk
Post Supervisor: Justyna Supernak
Colorist: Piotr Sasim
Audio Production: Efektura
Music: Critical Countdown by Dimitrijevic