BBDO Unveils ‘Struck By A Rainbow’ Mockumentary for Skittles

By Erik Oster 

BBDO Toronto continues the absurdist tendencies of Skittle’s advertising with one of the brand’s strangest ads in recent memory.

Entitled “Struck By A Rainbow,” the ad is a mockumentary about a man named David who is hit by a rainbow, changing his skin to Skittles. Directed by Conor Byrne, the video, while never laugh out loud funny, convincingly mirrors and parodies the tropes of documentaries about people combating adversity, getting the feel just right. The long running time (“Struck By A Rainbow” clock in at well over three minutes) is used to show most of the implications of David’s condition and show David’s journey from struggle to acceptance. In case you’re wondering, a doctor points out that “From a medical perspective, there’s nothing wrong with David. His skin is just now Skittles.” The spot saves one of its more obvious jokes for the end, as David’s wife leans in to kiss him on the cheek and bites off a Skittle. While over three minutes is a very long time to spend watching an ad, and the premise is stretched a bit thin by the long running time, this should still appeal to fans of the brand’s distinctly oddball humor, and anyone creeped out too much by the idea would stop watching immediately anyway.


“Struck By A Rainbow” debuted on YouTube and the brand’s Facebook page on December 8th, but the campaign also includes a digital buy featuring 30-second teasers to drive additional views. Media support for the spot will continue around four weeks.


Title: Struck by a Rainbow

Product: Skittles

Client: Wrigley Canada

Marketing: Dan Alvo, Vanessa Tong

Executive Creative Director: Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi

Art Director: Joel Pylypiw

Copywriter: Chris Booth

Account Management: Olivia Mendez, Saloni Wadehra

Agency Producer: Aimee DeParolis

Director: Conor Byrne

Production Company:  The Corner Store

Editing: Saints Editorial (Griff Henderson)

Visual FX and Post Production:  The Vanity

Music: Grayson Matthews

Colour:  Alter Ego