BBDO Toronto Wants to Give You Doritos Ketchup Roses for Valentine’s Day

By Erik Oster 

BBDO Toronto launched a Valentine’s Day campaign for Doritos, promoting the brand’s throwback Doritos Ketchup flavor with a mock infomericial for “Doritos Ketchup Roses.”

The spot promotes the Valentine’s Day product, which both the ad and website repeatedly affirm is a real thing. BBDO Toronto’s mock infomercial takes on a retro tone, complete with disco and outdated male grooming trends,  presenting Doritos Ketchup Roses as a better alternative to flowers, chocolates and a new pair of socks. The mock infomercial format has been something of a trend in advertising for the past couple of years, with Saatchi & Saatchi New York’s “Chew Treats” for Fiber One a recent example. It makes sense as an approach for BBDO Toronto’s Valentine’s Day promotion of the brand’s throwback flavor, even if the humor doesn’t quite land as intended and it drags a bit with a final runtime over 90 seconds.

According to the campaign website, which reiterate several times “Yes, they’re real,” Doritos will deliver the Doritos Ketchup Roses to select locations in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Or they would, but have sold out of their “limited quantities” of the product. But never fear, there’s instructions to make your own, non-edible version.