BBDO Toronto and Taxi Canada Both Want to Build Brand Connections Before Birth

By Erik Oster 

BBDO Toronto and Taxi Canada both parodied the obsession with millenial targeting with parody videos for Strategy magazine’s Agency of the Year event last week (which also produced Leo Burnett Toronto’s “The Intern of Bloor Street”), looking past the demographic, and even past Generation Z, to the womb and further.

In Taxi Canada’s video, chief strategy officer Mark Tomblin explains that “…if you’re still thinking about millenials, you’re not getting it, you’re a dinosaur.” Rather, the next target for the agency is Amnios, who are in the womb and being heard through fetal focus groups in real-time and Kick to Click technology for amniotic purchasing.
BBDO takes things a step further, going beyond Point of Birth targeting with ScroTech. A speaker explains that ScroTech underwear connects with beacon technology “to send signals to men’s nutsacks,” creating positive brand connections with sperm. “So for your next marketing campaign,” he concludes, “think outside the millenial and inside the scrotum.”

With millenial and Gen Z targeting such popular subjects for industry panels, it’s no surprise that multiple agencies chose to parody the subject. The agencies’ approaches even have some commonalities, with both taking the idea to the logical extension of targeting babies while they’re still in the womb. The question, then, is who did it better?