BBDO Singapore Casts Cars as Martial Artists in Mobil 1 Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s an unusual piece of work from BBDO’s Singapore office which debuted over the summer but just made the media rounds today. It’s unique in promoting “the world’s leading synthetic engine oil manufacturer” by casting cars as kung-fu fighters in a faux-70s style spot created by someone whose film collection closely mirrors that of one Quentin Tarantino.

The ad stars some stunt drivers and a stock soundtrack with more than its requisite share of wah-wah pedal.

This isn’t a completely new idea, as BBDO Singapore regional business head Seshadri Sampath confirms:


“We borrowed from the popular culture of Bruce Lee that we can all identify with – if you pour water into the cup, it becomes the cup. And if you pour Mobil 1 into the engine, it becomes the engine. We’re pleased that the execution was done in an entertaining and engaging way to relate to the ordinary driver.”

That’s cool, though the target audience for this one is obviously not American Mobil 1 fans, who are more likely to care about Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt than any current or former martial arts stars.

Agency: BBDO Singapore
Client: Mobil 1
Executive Creative Director: Ravi Eshwar
Editor: Frederic Baudet
Production Company: Stink Shanghai
Producer: Ann May Chua
Director: Eric Augier