BBDO New York, YACHT Utilize Uber Surge Pricing for Promotion

By Erik Oster 

Los Angeles-based conceptual electronic pop group YACHT (Young Americans Challenging High Technology) found a unique way to leak its new single “L.A. Plays Itself,” tying its release with Uber surge pricing in Los Angeles.

The idea is explained in a 30-second online video. Basically, YACHT released the track when Uber pricing, which is tied to the demand for vehicles, reached 1.1x surge pricing and then released the remix of the song when Uber pricing exceeded 2x.

It’s not just a random gimmick, as the idea is tied to the themes of YACHT’s upcoming album I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler, which will be released October 16 on Downtown Records. According to a press release the album is “a visionary pop critique, addressing everything from police violence to holograms and social media, of what it’s like to be human in our weird and troubling 21st century.” Given the themes of the album, the promotion’s tying of a perk (for fans of the group at least) with the negative of surge pricing during heavy traffic makes thematic sense and should help get the word out about the upcoming release.

Client: Downtown Records (YACHT)

Agency: BBDO New York

Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer, BBDO New York: Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director: Tom Markham
Creative Director: Derek Harms
Creative Director: Damjan Pita
Creative Director: Daniel Aykurt
Creative Technologist: Filip Williander
Art Director: Martin Staaf
Motion Designer: Chris D’Andrea
Engagement Director: Julian Cole
Account Director: Daniel Charness
Director of Digital Operations: Clemens Brandt
Producer: Andrea Segura