BBDO NY Kickstarts Strange Dance Party for Mountain Dew

By Erik Oster 

BBDO New York released an extended 90-second version of a new spot for Mountain Dew Kickstart entitled “Come Alive,” which will run during the Super Bowl pregame show.

In the ad, three guys are sitting in a basement playing video games when one of them asks for a Kickstart. As they each take a sip, the music starts up (“Out The Speakers feat. Rich Kidz” by A-Trak, Milo & Otis) and things start to get weird. The three guys are compelled to start dancing, seemingly without intent — but that’s just the beginning. Soon everything in the room, from the dog to a head of a buck to a traffic sign hanging on a wall, join in for one super strange dance party, ending with the tagline, “It All Starts With a Kick.” The implication is that the highly-caffeinated beverage will provide you with energy for all manners of endeavor (not that it will take control over your body and perception, setting off a chain reaction of dance-madness over which you have no control). After the ad makes its Super Bowl pregame debut, the brand will promote it on social channels including Twitter, Vine, Snapchat and, of course, YouTube.


Agency: BBDO New York
Client: Mountain Dew
Title: Come Alive

Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer, New York: Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director: Tim Bayne
Executive Creative Director: Lauren Connolly
ACD/Copywriter: Dan Kelly
ACD/Art Director: Todd Rone Parker
Group Executive Producer: Julian Katz
Producer: Sofia Doktori
Executive Music Producer: Melissa Chester
Sr. Account Director: Ladd Martin
Account Director: Patrice Reiley
Account Manager: Kylie Halperin
Account Executive: Jillian Netzel
Planning Director: Jessica Summerfield

Production Company: Caviar
Director: Keith Schofield
Executive Producer: Michael Sagol
Executive Producer: Jasper Thomlinson
Executive Producer: Cathleen Kisich
Head of Production: Kelly Bowen
DOP: Damian Acevedo
Producer: Adrianne McCurrach

Edit House: Rock Paper Scissors
Executive Producer: Eve Kornblum
Producer: Lisa Barnable
Editor: Carlos Arias
Assistant Editor: Alexandra Debricon

Mix House: Heard City
Mixer: Phil Loeb

Post EFX: eightvfx
EP/Owner: Baptiste Andrieux
CD/Owner: Jean Marc Demmer
Executive Producer: Shira Boardman,
Executive Producer: Alyssa St. Vincent
VFX Supervisor: Yannick Leblanc
CG Lead: Jean-Baptiste Cambier
Lead Designer: Jaguar Lee
VFX Artist: Yann Mallard
Animator: Sue Campbell
Rigging: Kevin Culhane
Modeler: Diego Melgar
Look Dev: Damien Bataille
Flame Lead NY: Fabien Coupez
Flame Lead LA: Philip Ineno
Flame Compositor: Steve Miller
Flame Compositor: Alex Kolasinksi
Roto/Paint: Marianne Magne
Producer: Chad Carbone
Producer: Michael Shores
Coordinator: Kyle Leonard

Licensed Master: “Out The Speakers feat. Rich Kidz” by A-Trak, Milo & Otis