BBDO New York and All of Its Friends Let Out a ‘Scream’ for Snickers Ice Cream

By Erik Oster 

With late spring here, Memorial Day and the impending summer on the horizon, BBDO New York launched a spot promoting Snickers Ice Cream Bars entitled “Scream.”

As you probably could have guessed it’s a play on the “we all scream for ice cream” line. The spot opens with a lone scream, soon joined by a chorus that includes a man’s eagle tattoo, a boardwalk artists’ caricature drawing and a crab. At the conclusion of the spot, the reason for the shouting is revaled with the tagline, “We all scream for Snickers Ice Cream Bars.”

While the tagline and spot are easy to remember, “Scream” lacks the humor of BBDO New York’s best work for the main Snickers brand. The animals and inanimate objects are a little awkward, but then at least they’re not twerking.

Earlier this month (we were kind of busy), BBDO New York also released an ad for Snickers Bites, called “Unfamous,” which plays on the brand’s more typical advertising.

In fact, the ad shows a man upset that “These Snickers commercials make it seem like  hungry people turn into these huge celebrities,” while he just turns into “Rick from down the street.” His wife explains that it’s because he’s not that hungry and hands him the bag of Snickers Bites for a slight improvement.

It’s kind of a fun play on the main brand for Snickers Bites, but one could also opine that BBDO is treading water here.


Creative Agency: BBDO New York
Title: “Scream”

David Lubars: Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Worldwide
Greg Hahn: Chief Creative Officer, BBDO New York
Gianfranco Arena: Executive Creative Director
Peter Kain: Executive Creative Director
Eli Terry: Creative Director
Jessica Coulter: Creative Director
Amy Wertheimer: Group Executive Producer
Tara Leinwohl: Executive Producer
Kirsten Flanik: Managing Director
Susannah Keller: Global Account Director
Joshua Steinman: Account Director
Tani Corbacho: Account Manager
Annemarie Norris: Group Planning Director
Alaina Crystal: Senior Planner

Production Company: Gifted Youth
Fatal Farm: Director
Charles Papert: Director of Photography
Dal Wolf: EP / Managing Director
Anthony Ficalora: EP of Production / HOP
Alistair Walford: Staff Producer
Alana Mitnick: Producer

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Helena Lee: Executive Producer
Leah Carnahan: Post Producer
Christjan Jordan: Editor
Pieter Viljoen: Assistant Editor

Post-Production Effects: MPC
Camila De Biaggi: Executive Producer
Alan Bibby: Creative Director
Ed Chapman: VFX Supervisor
Seif Boutella; Technical Director
Dorian Douglass: Producer
Marcus Wood: Head of 2D
John Shafto: Flame Artist

Mix Studio: Lime Studios
Joel Waters: Engineer
Susie Boyajan: Producer