BBDO ECD Moves from New York to San Francisco

By Patrick Coffee 

bbdo sfQuick BBDO update: our source confirms that Steve Rutter, a longtime presence in the agency’s Manhattan offices, has moved to the West Coast.

The reason for the move concerns the Wells Fargo account. Rutter will oversee creative on Wells while fellow ECD Craig Mangan–who left GS&P in 2012 to take the executive position–maintains creative oversight on all the office’s other accounts.

A tiny bit of backstory: the ink has just dried on the Wells Fargo deal, signed in March. Rutter officially joined the SF team in April and, prior to this move, he spent a majority of his career (a whopping 24 years) at BBDO New York, most recently holding the EVP/ECD titles. During that time, he managed the E*TRADE, Bank of America and AIG accounts (among many, many others).