BBDO Dusseldorf Invites ET’s to Swiss Biosphere

By Kiran Aditham 


Yes, folks, you read that correctly. In one of the more peculiar, yet intriguing campaigns we’ve received as of late, BBDO Dusseldorf has been sending out an invite  over a 24-hour span (with the help of one of Europe’s biggest radio telescopes) to, yep, extra-terrestrials, asking them to come visit Entlebuch, which is Switerzland’s first official UNESCO biosphere reserve. UNESCO, in case you didn’t know, is an agency of the UN that stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and is intent on building of peace, the eradication of poverty and sustainable development (current focuses include Africa and gender equality).

Anyhow, the Entlebuch valley itself aims to maintain a sustainable way of living for anywhere from 50 to 500,000 years, so they’re giving our friends from outer space a fairly wide  time span to work with  should they choose to make the trek to Swiss country. And what better way to reach any and all ETs that may be lurking out there than with a little yodeling, alphorn music as well as regional smells and sounds. If that doesn’t win the beings from outer space over, we don’t know what will. Good luck, gang, and make sure to let Mulder know if  and when you succeed. Credits after the jump.


Creative Managing Director/s: Sebastian Hardieck, Kristoffer Heilemann, Darren Richardson 

CCO: Wolfgang Schneider 

ECD: Carsten Bolk 

Art Director: Fabian Pensel, Tatjana Genin 

Copywriter: Ramón Scheffer 

Group Account Director: Sonja Struss 

Junior Account Manager: Franziska Nessel 

Head of TV: Steffen Gentis 

Production Company: CraftWork

Post-Production Company: nhb studios Düsseldorf GmbH

Producer: Kathrin Rybaczyk 

Music/Sound Design: MassiveMusic Amsterdam | Joep Beving, Mr. Zee, Auxiliary the Masterfader

Audio Production House : nhb studios Düsseldorf GmbH

Sound Engineer: Aleksander Rynkowski, André Sudradjat 

DOP: Marius Sytwala (SytwalaTV), Kevin Krefta (CraftWork) 

Edit: Till Markull, Alexander Link 
Visual Effects: Christian Wallmeier, Markus Pchalek, Ralf Hietel, Benjamin Jürgens, Johannes Müller, Gregory Chalenko, Carla Cecilie Lind-Valdan

Animation: Timo Wilke