BBDO Belgium Knows Exactly How to Piss Off Its Clients’ Top Marketers

By Patrick Coffee 

Ugh, CMOs. Aren’t they the worst??

Nah, not really. Sure, many of them earn big bucks, but they don’t have much in the way of job security, and we can only imagine how annoying and stressful it must be to have to find some way to keep telling your boss that you’re increasing sales so he can spread the word to investors and so on.

BBDO Belgium came up with a mildly interesting way to confuse and irritate marketing managers by intentionally replacing mentions of their brands with their biggest competitors. The point was to promote client JCDecaux, which often apparently deals with the same problem.


Yes, it’s another case study video. Deal with it.

Well, obviously it wasn’t. That was the whole premise of your case study.

That project was honestly not as impressive as we’d hoped, but we get it. And of course it’s always fun to take the piss out of your perceived adversaries, even for a minute. Also, “the worst mailing in the history of direct mail” feels a bit redundant.

Something tells us American marketing chiefs would be less amused, though.


Creative Director: Arnaud Pitz & Sebastien De Valck
Associate Creative Director: Klaartje Galle
Creative Team: Toon Vanpoucke & Morgane Choppinet
Account Supervisor: Isabel Peeters
Account Manager: Marleen Depreter
Strategic Planner: Tom Vingerhoets, Jan Van Brakel
Advertiser Supervisor: Veerle Colin (JCDecaux), Els Desmedt (JCDecaux)