BBDO Beijing Sets Up Catvertising Agency

By Erik Oster 

BBDO Beijing has set up a “catvertising” wing devoted to making branded cat videos for clients, imagining what an agency run by cats would look like in a video introducing Miao, Meow, Mew & Mao.

The video shows the origins of Miao Meow, Mew & Mao, when a creative director, account manager, art director and copywriter join forces to form the agency. Things at Miao, Meo, Mew & Mao go pretty much as you’d expect. There’s a lot of napping, procrastination, general cat hijinks and not a whole lot of work getting done. The video stars real strays, and BBDO Beijing’s cat video wing is devoted to helping animal charities and participating brands are on board. For every 100,000 views of a branded cat video, the brand will make a donation to Together For Animals in China. So far, the agency has made branded cat videos for Snickers, M&M, Pedigree and others and the agency has one in the works for Gillette. Cat videos are obviously internet gold, so it’s no surprise that brands were quick to sign on. 

“Every single one of the clients we talked to immediately said yes – it was just a no-brainer to do it, and it was fun to get involved with,” BBDO Beijing chief creative officer Arthur Tsang told AdAge. He added that the agency decided on a humorous approach to raise money for strays because “cats are not tear-jerkers, the impression of cats is that they are survivors, and they know how to handle themselves even if they’re strays.”