BBDO and Pedigree Throw This Election to the Dogs in #AVoteForGood

By Patrick Coffee 

Oh hey, did you hear that America is kind of divided on this Day Before Election Day? We were all ready to forget about it, but the ad industry just keeps reminding us!

BBDO’s latest campaign for Pedigree focused on combining one thing pretty much everyone hates (party politics) with another, totally unrelated thing that everyone loves (good dogs) in yet another effort to prove that maybe there’s a reason not to give up on this awful human race after all.

They sent a woman wearing a Hillary Clinton shirt into a Trump rally along with a “lost dog.” Not a whole lot of hilarity ensued, but they did get some angry people to smile!

Anyway, it’s super nice to know that everyone everywhere still hates “the media.”


BTW, that media can’t decide whether this ad was honest and powerful or slick and deceptive.

Let us all agree to disagree while being disagreeable.


Agency: BBDO New York
Client: Mars/Pedigree
Spot: “Vote for Good”

Chief Creative Officer BBDO Worldwide – David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer BBDO New York – Greg Hahn
Head of Production – Dave Rolfe
Executive Creative Directors – Greg Ketchum, Tom Godici
Creative Directors – Banks Noel, Greg Gerstner
Executive Producer – Regina Iannuzzi
Senior Account Director – Sally Nathans
Account Director – Elizabeth Kelberg
Group Planning Director – Annemarie Norris
Planning Director – Emily Rydin
Senior Communications Planner – Sean Stogner
Production Coordinator – Corie Rosenblatt
Head of Music – Rani Vaz
Production CO – BBDO Studios
Director: Win Bates – Crane
EP of Crane – Constantine Bjerke
Audio – Sound Lounge – Glen Landrum
Editorial / Finishing – The Beauty Shop- editor Adam Leibowitz and Lindsey Nadolski & CO3