Battery Launches New Trailer for Affleck-Free Batman v. Superman Game Injustice 2

By Patrick Coffee 

Your resident spies have a confession to make: we are not sure we get video game ads.

Are they really even “ads” as one would traditionally define them, given the months of carefully rendered CGI/Uncanny Valley work going on? We are old and perhaps too out of touch to truly appreciate the amount of intense craft that goes into producing these extended digital vignettes.

L.A.’s Battery has produced quite a few such pieces leading up the release of the DC Comics PS4 title Injustice 2 under the “Every Battle Defines You” heading, and the latest is quite epic.

That was something. And the game doesn’t even come out until May!


Sort of feels like the whole moral relativism, “is he really a good guy” theme has played out in every major super hero franchise in recent years, what with X-Men and Captain America and now DC. So who’s old enough to remember Superman III with evil Clark Kent and Richard freaking Pryor?

Anyway, this big money game looks fun but time consuming. We will probably wait for the next Grand Theft Auto.


Game Developer: NetherRealm Studios
Marketing Games Manager: Brian Goodman
Client: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
President:  David Haddad
Vice President, Global Marketing Core Games: Matthew Geyer
Director, Global Brand Marketing: Craig Mitchell
Brand Manager: Minh Tran
Associate Brand Manager: Jeffrey Hong
Associate Brand Marketing Manager: Kay Park

Agency: Battery
Chief Creative Officer: Philip Khosid
Chief Executive Officer: Anson Sowby
Creative Director: Raymond Hwang
Copywriter: Raymond Hwang
Director of Strategy: Philip Ser
Brand Director: Max Kislevitz
Executive Producer: Joanna Rhodes
Producer: Mackenzie Busch

CG – Plastic Wax: Dane Maddams, Mick Hammell, Nathan Maddams, and Felix Crawshaw

Sound – Beacon Street Studios: Rommel Molina/Sound Designer & Mixer and Kate Vandais/Producer

Music: South Music