Battery Invites You to ‘Be The Batman’

By Erik Oster 

Los Angeles startup agency Battery followed up its nostalgia-inducing trailer for Mortal Kombat X with a spot promoting the June 23rd release of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Like the agency’s previous effort, “Be The Batman” mixes live action and in-game footage, beginning with (and leaning more heavily on) the former. Picturing citizens of Gotham in perilous situations, and set to an original score by Trent Reznor, the ad encourages viewers to be selfless, determined, courageous and feared — in short to “Be The Batman.” The spot transitions to in-game footage with the line — a nice touch — before giving viewers a glimpse of what the game actually looks like. It doesn’t provide more than a hint of what sets the game apart from its predecessors in the popular franchise, however (the quick shot of the playable Batmobile providing one such hint). “Be The Batman” appeared online last Thursday and will make its broadcast debut later this week. It will be supported by OOH elements, including a Times Square takeover, as well as “extensive digital placements.”



Agency:  Battery
Chief Creative Officer: Philip Khosid
Creative Director/Art Director: Bernie O’Dowd
Creative Director/Copywriter: Raymond Hwang
Head of Production: Chris Hepburn
Executive Producer: Judy Gotten
Additional Credits: Swell, Untitled, RPS, A52, 740 Sound, Blur