Battery Gets Imaginative for LEGO Dimensions

By Erik Oster 

Hollywood-based agency Battery launched a new spot promoting Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s LEGO Dimensions game, entitled “Endless Awesome.”

The spot champions the game as an imagination expanding experience for children, which is a bit odd considering that it in many ways supplants imagination as the thing that brings LEGO to life for kids. Not that too many young LEGO fans will mind, as they’re likely excited by the idea of seeing their favorite figures come to life onscreen. The imagination angle then, solidified by the “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Imagination” tagline, is more to convince parents that the title is one they can feel good about picking up for their kids.

“Endless Awesome” features many stars from the LEGO universe, including those from franchises such as The Simpsons, Batman and Scooby Doo, in addition to characters from The LEGO Movie (actually Batman falls into both those camps). We’re not sure it will succeed at convincing parents that this is anything but a continual drain on their wallets (figures sold separately, obviously), but it should get kids excited enough to bug them endlessly for the game.

Agency: Battery
Chief Creative Officer: Philip Khosid
Chief Executive Officer: Anson Sowby
Chief Production Officer: Chris Hepburn
Creative Director/Copywriter: Raymond Hwang
Creative Director/Art Director: Bernie O’Dowd
Director of Strategy: Philip Ser
Executive Producer: Judy Gotten
Producer: Hilary Glaholt
Director: Matthew Cullen
Editor: Lenny Messina, Michael Merkwan
CG: Plastic Wax: Dane Maddams, Mick Hammell, Carly Glover
Sound: Lime Studios: Mark Meyuhas, Joel Waters, RohanYoung
Production Company: Mirada