Barton F. Graf Proves That Pop Secret Is Better Than All of Your Favorite Things

By Patrick Coffee 

Another week, another opportunity for the folks at Barton F. Graf to get a little weird.

The agency’s new tagline for Pop Secret brand popcorn is “Better Than Everything,” as in everything you have experienced or could possibly imagine. The full extent of Pop Secret’s awesomeness is limited only by the boundaries of your own mind.

That and some “hot buttery logic.”

So flowers are a definite no. How about sunsets?


Even the greatest thing ever—a kid’s birthday party—has some downsides.

Of course, if we really get down to it, all popcorn does have those kernels that get stuck between your teeth or up on the roof of your mouth. And it’s one of the best things for spoiling a young appetite. Many brands don’t even use real butter!

We’ve asked this before, but since we’re big fans of repetition: how much does Gerry Graf love David Lynch? And when can we get a beer with his favorite casting directors?


Chief Creative Officer: Gerry Graf
Chief Strategy Officer: Laura Janness
Creative Directors: Matt Moore, Jonathan Vingiano
Copywriter: Brad Phifer
Art Director: April Lauderdale
Head of Integrated Production: Josh Morse
Producer: Cameron Farrell
Account Director: Kate Callander
Account Supervisor: Marla McCormick Domergue
Strategy Director: Amanda Perring
Head of Business Affairs: Jennifer Pannent
Project Manager: Andra Gould

Production Co: Epoch Films
Director: Matthew Swanson
EP: Megan Murphree
Producer: Patrick Harris
DOP: Bobby Shore
Production Designer: Michael Walker

Edit: MackCut
Editor: Ryan Steele
Assistant Editor: Zachary Antell
Executive Producer: Gina Pagano
Producer: Sabina-Elease Utley

Telecine: CO3
Colorist: Tim Masik

Finishing: Method
Executive Producer: Angela Lupo
VFX Supervisor: Gong Myung Lee
Producer: Anna Kravtsov
Lead Flame Compositing: Kevin Quinlan