Barton F. Graf 9000 Gets Passionate About GoDaddy

By Patrick Coffee 

You may recall that GoDaddy, the brand responsible for several notorious Super Bowl spots, went with Barton F. Graf 9000 earlier this summer after previously asking Deutsch to help its brand mature. Deutsch lost the work despite making a campaign featuring viral man-of-the-moment Jean-Claude Van Damme.

After a spot featuring Danica Patrick that could not be attributed to any agency, today brings Graf’s first campaign for its new client.

The inaugural ad, aimed at small business owners, will air on tonight’s Monday Night Football:


The second spot after the jump also focuses on the challenges of owning one’s business.

For the record, we like her setup. It’s rare to see a commercial space that isn’t a restaurant pull off bare brick walls.

These spots don’t indicate any serious strategic departure for the brand; they’re still awkward, though the company now seems more concerned with reaching people who actually fill out spreadsheets than appealing to teenage boys.

We’ve reached out for credits and will update the post when we receive them.