barrettSF Unites (Literal) Pieces of Shit in Support of Donald Trump

By Erik Oster 

San Francisco agency barrettSF recently launched a digital marketing campaign designed to turn the spotlight on a class of Donald Trump supporters who might not otherwise have a voice: pieces of shit.

Launched yesterday on and on Instagram as @Shitfortrump, the campaign features photos of Trump campaign flags held up by piles of excrement. According to the campaign, the candidate is “a leader who not only understands the values of the common piece of shit, but who has the strength to push those values through Washington. A candidate who is truly for us, because he is us.”

The site invites visitors to participate for themselves by purchasing a “Campaign Kit” including a 4″ sign post in royal blue or, “for something more in line with the Trump demographic,” white. They can then plant a Trump flag in their own friendly neighborhood pile of shit. (There are also free, printable PDF versions of the signs.)


“We were concerned that Trump’s bedrock support base—piles of excrement—wasn’t getting the voice it deserved in this race,” barrettSF copywriter Phil Fattore explained to LBB. “We’ve heard from bigots, delusional gun advocates, and xenophobes, but what about the umbrella group under which they all fall? Not a word, until today.”

No word yet on whether the candidate will make a dump speech to these grassroots supporters. 1168420_565762473576959_1066384764_n