BarrettSF Gets Librarian Steve Nash for DailyMVP

By Erik Oster 

BarrettSF enlisted the aid of Steve Nash to promote TopLine Game Lab’s DailyMVP fantasy game, which differentiates itself from other fantasy sports leagues by offering short-format games that last from a day to a week.

In the ad, Nash dons spectacles and a wig, appearing as an everyday librarian who can feel like an MVP thanks to the fantasy app. “I love being a librarian,” Nash says at the start of the spot, “but some days can be a little quiet.” He goes on to demonstrate the app and how it adds some excitement to his daily routine (while getting shushed). The spot ends with the tagline, “Have an MVP day,” emphasizing the short format. It was released to coincide with the start of the NBA season. A future spot starring Tom Brady will roll out near the end of the NFL season, when many players in traditional fantasy leagues have already been eliminated.


Client: DailyMVP
Campaign: Have an MVP Day
Agency: barrettSF
Agency Location: San Francisco, CA
Executive Creative Director: Jamie Barrett
Copywriter: Spencer Riviera
Art Director: Nik Daum
Designer: Martina D’Alessandro
Producer: Nicole Van Dawark
Managing Director: Patrick Kelly
Account Director: Molly Warner
Sr. Proofreader: Victor E. Danz
Photographer: Jenn Pottheiser
Production Company: O Positive
Director: Spencer Riviera
Director of Photography: Marten Tedin
Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella
Line Producer: Salli Zilles
Editorial Company: HutchCo
Editor: Jim Hutchins
Assistant Editor: Joaquin Machado
Colorist: Johnny McPheeters
Finishing Artists: Paal Rui & Patrick O’Leary
Executive Producer: Jane Hutchins
Audio Record & Mix: Andy Greenberg, One Union