Barkley and Hershey Rounded Up the World’s Weirdest Uber Rides

By Patrick Coffee 

uber remix 2

Uber has no creative agency of record. The company doesn’t seem likely to hire one anytime soon, and something tells us you probably wouldn’t want the business anyway. (Or would you?)

That said, the ride sharing giant does all kinds of collaborative projects that answer important rhetorical questions like: What if your Uber came filled with PUPPIES? Also, what if your ride took place in a motorcycle sidecar, a dump truck or something that looks a whole hell of a lot like the General Lee??


Barkley and Hershey teamed up to answer the latter query in a new campaign promoting both the TAKE 5 candy bar (which doesn’t appear in the case study) and the art of collecting vintage automobiles a la Jerry Seinfeld.

That, gentle readers, was a supercut.

We have the data, though! The release tells us that the three cities in question were chosen due to their notable numbers of Young People, all of whom chose to participate by entering a promo code in the interest of shaking things up a bit. 388 TAKE5 UberRemix Rides produced 20 million total impressions and 300,000 samples distributed, which we take to mean a lifetime supply of candy bars.

In explaining the stunt, Barkley VP/CD Katy Hornaday says, “The best part was the look of shock on people’s faces when they realized their Uber was a motorcycle sidecar or dump truck. We wanted to remix an experience that’s become commonplace for most consumers. We spent months looking for vehicles that would surprise riders. We wanted a mix of high-end, once-in-a-lifetime cars with just plain weird rides.”

The cars/trucks/etc. involved included a Camaro, a low rider, an “Alpine Spy Car,” a “Presidential Limo with TAKE5 flags” and a “Batman-style monster truck,” among many others. A quick #MyTake5 search reveals a few more of those impossibly classy vehicles and some super sweet audio gear.

To our knowledge, none of the trips qualified as hay rides. And there were no Deloreans to be found.


The Hershey Company
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Chris Kinnard, Brand Manager
Margo Mcilvaine, Sr. Associate Brand Manager

Jason Elm, Executive Creative Director
Katy Hornaday, VP/Creative Director
Brandon Bennett, Sr. Art Director
Zack Browne, Copywriter
Tyler Cook, Account Director
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