Yep, Barbarian Group Has Bed Bugs

By Kiran Aditham 

Yes folks, another ad agency in NYC has been afflicted with the vermin and the offices are closed today as a result. Here’s a statement from a Barbarian Group source:

“In the last 5 days, we discovered not just one, but TWO bedbugs in our new york office, having been recently deposited within the last 96 hours or so by persons unknown. The dogs were called in. Fumigators were commissioned, and services were delivered, and as of oh-eight-hundred hours Friday the 10th of march, twenty thousand square feet of offices will have been thoroughly fumigated in a military-style operation, thousands of dollars spent to remove two tiny creatures that exist by the million on this island. Panic and hilarity ensued, but the will to survive, and to create, carries on. The Barbarians will not by vanquished by two beasts so small.”

From what “experts” are telling us, this is only the beginning in the Big Apple. *Gulp*