Bajibot Designs New Site for DJ Pierce’s Global Glue Project

By Erik Oster 

We reported back in June, that former KBS+ executive creative director DJ Pierce had turned his attention to his Global Glue Project after announcing his resignation from KBS+ in May. It appears that the Global Glue Project is beginning to take off, with a new website designed and developed in collaboration with Bajibot.

In case you were wondering, the Global Glue Project is “A documentary series of couples around the globe that share their challenges and the glue that keeps them sticking together.” The idea is to create 56 Glue films, with four already complete. The series hopes to function to preserve the relationship role models that are becoming harder and harder to find. Think of Global Glue Project as the antidote to the revolving door relationships depicted in celebrity gossip culture. They describe their mission as being to “capture and share the secrets of healthy long-term relationships through interviews with real couples of all kinds, without any discrimination of race, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation.” I’m sure we’ll get a lot of snark about the this one from commenters, but I think Global Glue Project fills a valuable need for committed couples who want to stick together.


The project emphasizes the difficulties inherent in long term commitment, something that is rarely discussed. With so many examples of the disposability of relationships, and even marriages (think Kim Kardashian), we really need something like Global Glue Project. If you’re interested, you can read about the first four couples on the website, and watch their documentaries. The most impressive has to be Helen and Sydney, who have been married 70 years, and overcame the stillbirth of their first child.

The Global Glue Project, having completed four of its films, is currently looking for funding to complete the remaining 52. If you’d like to help out, or just learn more about the project, head on over to their Kickstarter page. The project will only be funded if they meet their $50,000 goal by January 18th. Once the project is funded, Global Glue Project plans to send its backers “one Glue Film a week for a year, prior to its release on our website.” Check out the above video for an overview of Global Glue Project, and head on over to the site for the full videos. With any luck, there will be weekly updates in the near future.