AXE, BBH Offer an Important Lesson About Firefighters, Astronauts

By Bob Marshall 

Since BBH debuted last year’s Kiefer Sutherland-starring “Susan Glenn,” AXE’s TV spots have consistently been some of the best on TV. Well, maybe not the “best,” but considering how awful they used to be, they’ve come quite a long way. Now, with a new campaign for the AXE Apollo scent, BBH is taking things to a whole other level completely. That level, by the way, is freaking outer space.

The above spot, “Fireman,” teases the AXE Apollo Space Camp, which will allegedly offer 22 daring individuals the opportunity to receive rigorous astronaut training in Florida followed by a chance to go into outer space. Wait, outer space? Holy shit. Could this possible be legitimate in any way? Well, if you don’t believe AXE, do you believe the space camp’s spokesperson?


So, not only is this campaign apparently making history, but it’s giving us two great spots on top of that. For your chance to actually become an astronaut (that’s right, Lance Bass), enter at the AXE Apollo Space Camp website before February 3. Credits after the jump.

Client names and titles:
Tomas Marcenaro – Global Brand Director
Jim Brennan – Global Brand Manager
Michael Coden – Global Assistant Brand Manager

BBH Creative Team: Wesley Hawes and Gary McCreadie, Diego Oliveira and Caio Giannella
BBH Creative Director: David Kolbusz
BBH Producer: Ruben Mercadal
BBH Assistant Producer: George Ancock
BBH Head of Strategy: Jonathan Bottomley
BBH Strategic Business Lead: Ngaio Pardon
BBH Strategy Director: Tim Jones
BBH Team Director: Tom Murphy
BBH Team Manager: Jennifer Omran

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Tim Godsall
Executive Producer: Orlando Wood
Producer: Rick Jarjoura
DoP: Jess Hall
Post Production: Framestore
Sound Design: Phaze UK / Raja Sehgal @ Grand Central Studios, London
Sound Mixing / Arrangement : Raja Sehgal @ Grand Central Studios, London
Music: Human (Los Angeles / New York)