Axe and LOLA MullenLowe Encourage Leaving Scented Clothing Behind for Second Chances

By Kyle O'Brien 

George Costanza perfected the move on Seinfeld, and now Axe has taken the concept to the next level. It’s the “leave behind” and it’s meant to give daters a second chance at love when maybe the first chance didn’t go so well.

Working with agency LOLA MullenLowe Madrid, the body spray company has made the “Oops-I-Forgot-This-At-Your-Place Collection” for Valentine’s Day, a pre-packaged clothing ítems with a unique scent meant to be left behind at a potential partner’s place so they think about giving someone a second chance at love.


While many people have experienced leaving a garment at a crush’s place, with this campaign, Axe is giving people the chance to leave a lasting impression. The collection includes beanies, t-shirts, shirts, socks and bandanas, each with a unique scent, meant to create the perfect opportunity for a second date.

“People would tell us they often have taken a piece of clothing of their partner because it reminded them of how he smelled. We wanted to play a twist on that insight and help our guys feel confident to get a second chance, in case they were not quite confident the first time,” said Francisco Cevasco, senior global brand manager at Axe in a statement.

People can purchase the “Oops-I-Forgot-This-At-Your-Place Collection” through delivery apps such as Rappi in Mexico and Latin America. Additionally, on Valentine’s Day there will be a vending machine with the entire collection placed at Plaza Satélite in Mexico City.

“Being able to add more excitement to the power of an iconic fragrance like Axe with a fun and playful idea like this one is a nice way to further strengthen the bond between our audience and the brand,” said Tomas Ostiglia, executive creative director of LOLA MullenLowe in a statement.