Awkward Moments Are Highlighted in Bread & Butter Wines’ Holiday Campaign

By Kyle O'Brien 

Bread & Butter Wines is getting awkward for its new holiday campaign. “Don’t Overthink It” by Deloitte Digital tells people not to overthink their awkward moments, no matter how uncomfortable they might be.

In one spot, “Christmas Cowgirl,” a young woman brings a bottle of Bread & Butter wine to a Christmas dinner party. As she greets the host, her grandmother, she uses pistol fingers and puts on a hokey cowgirl accent before she realizes what she’s done and is ashamed. But instead of shrinking away, she politely hands over the wine. The tag, “Don’t overthink it,” ends the spot on a positive note.


Another version in the same setting finds the young woman adopting a medieval accent as she awkwardly hands over the wine.

A third spot takes place at a backyard barbecue. As two guys meet each other and don’t know if they should fist bump or shake hands, one guy gives a cringeworthy kiss on the cheek.

Originally launched in 2020, the “Don’t Overthink It” campaign is all about how Bread & Butter Wines believes good things shouldn’t be complicated, focusing instead on the good, the honest and delicious.

In a 2021 survey, 80% of U.S. wine drinkers shared they agree with the campaign’s message of “life is complicated, picking a wine shouldn’t be.” Bread & Butter Wines is using these new spots to keep the momentum up for the holidays with a message of when you highlight life’s everyday awkward moments, people don’t feel as isolated in their experiences and it brings people together.

“By latching onto the cultural insight of consumers wanting simplicity and decision paralysis being a real challenge in their daily lives, we’ve been able to connect with our consumers in a whole new way, and have carved out a unique space in the wine category that Bread & Butter Wines distinctly owns,” Jeff Ngo, senior vice president of marketing, WX Brands said in a statement.

“We’re excited by the growing body of work—and our growing global AOR relationship – with Bread & Butter Wines. Back in 2020 we launched the first wave of their ‘Don’t Overthink It’ campaign, leveraging category insights from our industry consulting team to power the creative process and deliver work that moved the needle: an 15% increase in sales that has made Bread & Butter Wines the number two fastest growing top 50 wine brand,“ added Leyland Streiff, managing director, Deloitte Digital.

The ads will go out across CTV, social and digital in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.