Austin Restaurateurs Speak on Behalf of Hot Dogs, Google Chrome

By Bob Marshall 

From LA-based agency GOOD/Corps and production company Green Dot films comes the story of two married hipsters, hot dogs and Google.

Upon opening their restaurant Frank in downtown Austin, Texas, entrepreneurs and “artisans of fine sausage” Jenn Northcutt and Daniel Northcutt sought the help of Google Spreadsheets, Docs, Maps and other fine products to ensure the success of their new restaurant. After all, in places like Chicago, “gourmet hot dog” joints flourish. But, outside of the Midwest, do enough wiener-lovers with a lack of respect for their health exist to support a mom and pop shop like Frank?


According to this spot, reviews on Google Places are portrayed to be both a catalyst for and a measurement of Frank’s growth over a short amount of time. But, a quick look at Yelp shows many more reviews than are on Google Places (currently at 568 reviews compared to 376). Does the spot’s director, Omri Cohen, make a compelling case for using Chrome over a different web browser? It seems that the Google products being displayed in this ad are available, at least for the most part, no matter what browser you’re using. Compare this to BBH’s heartwarming “Dear Sophie” spot from early May, and it seems that this is a better advertisement for Frank than it is for Chrome. In any case, consider a trip to Frank a necessity for SXSW next year. Credits after the jump.

Production Company: Green Dot Films
Director: Omri Cohen
DP: Adam Richards
Managing Director: Rick Fishbein
Executive Producer: Rich Pring
Executive Producer: Darren Foldes
Producer: Steve DeVore
Agency: GOOD/Corps, Los Angeles, CA
Executive Creative Director: Kirk Souder
Creative Director: Kevin Raich
Art Director: Vik Bhalla
Producer: Jimmy Greenway
GOOD/Corps Lead: Sebastian Buck
Partnership Manager: Carla Fernandez