Austin-Based Powered Acquires Jaffe’s Crayon

By Kiran Aditham 

On his Jaffe Juice blog today, Joseph Jaffe announced that his marketing firm Crayon has been acquired by Austin-based company Powered, which he says specializes in “building branded communities and creating branded content for clients like HP, Atkins, Verizon, Kodak and Sony.” Jaffe’s goal with the Crayon sale it seems is to help build Powered into a social media agency that he hopes will answer a question like, “How on earth can we expect traditional agencies to master both digital AND social at the same time?”

Since his lengthy blog post begins like a name-dropping fest and ends like an Academy Awards speech, we’ll save you the time and get straight to how Jaffe looks to benefit from the sale:


“I get to ramp up my evangelism big time, focus on maximum damage and destabalization within the lethargic industry, whilst simultaneously helping our clients reap incredible rewards from implementing commitment-based programs that are head and shoulders ahead of their competition.”

Along with the Crayon purchase, Powered also added New York-based firm StepChange and Portland-based Drillteam to its roster.

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