Audi Ads Boycotted for Different Kind of ‘German Fascism’

By Kiran Aditham 

Meet Blank Reg, who besides using the lovely glamour shot to your left has launched a one-man mission against Audi’s Green Police campaign. A couple of weeks ago, we noted that Green Police was actually a term used to describe Nazi affiliates in WWII Germany, but this has nothing to do with ol’ Reg’s boycott of the automaker’s green effort.

On his site, he states:

“Audi thinks that promoting Nazi style fascism under the cover of environmentalism is an acceptable way of marketing their products. Americans who cherish liberty, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are NOT BUYING IT! We are offended by the company’s cavalier attitude towards the serious and very present matter of encroaching Big Brother Police State powers in our Land of the Free.”

It looks like Blank Reg (who surprisingly has somewhat of an NPR voice) has even scrapped together Green Police spots and mashed them up with audio clips (below) of his tirades about the ads to Audi dealers (who common sense will tell you had nothing to do with the actual campaign).

H/t Jalopnik, which adds that as of yesterday, only 8 people have signed up to support Reg’s cause.

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