Attack The Brands

By SuperSpy 

Naked Communications’ Noah Brier has created a fun game all about the power of a the brand. Called Brand Tags, the system provides you with a logo for a brand and then asks you to fill in the first one or two words which come to mind.

An example: Comcast. I said, “big brother” due to the way they handle cusomers who use P2P networks.


Other users described the brand as annoying, assholes, antitrust, boring, bad service, crap, sucks, dunno, unreliable, worthless etc. The neat thing about Brier’s system is that ranks the words visually, so it’s easy to see, which words were said by the more people versus less. Expensive, TV, evil and cable clearly top the list.

You might want to put your client in there to see what comes up!