AT&T Taps More Kids for Youthful Publicity, Adds Mother’s Day Theme to ‘It’s Not Complicated’

By Jordan Teicher 

Let’s kill two birds, shall we? AT&T must really like little kids. First, we had the Beck Bennett commercials that ran incessantly during March Madness (and still run; check out the newest Mother’s Day-themed “It’s Not Complicated” clip from BBDO after the jump). Now, the telecom giant seems to think we want more, more, more. The latest work from Dallas-based multicultural agency Sanders\Wingo shows young’ns on their mobile devices, saying things like, “In my day…our connection was so slow, we had to take turns online.”

Some viewers may find this cute, others may find it scary, but as kids become more and more comfortable with the latest technology, these types of spots should become the norm. We already have videos of babies who can swipe a page on an iPad, but can’t turn the page in a book or magazine. Regardless, kids will always have to eat the trope-filled Brussels sprout before they get to use any of these devices, and that’s how we get the thirty-second “Veggies.”


Check out the second spot, “Haircut,” the aforementioned “It’s Not Complicated” Mother’s Day effort and credits for all after the jump.

Veggie/Haircut credits:

Greg Rogers – sr. art director
Carter Pagel – acd copywriter
Craig Brimm – acd art director
Sam Bonds – creative director
Tynesha Williams – group creative director
Shanteka Sigers – executive creative director
Karen Kane – producer
William Riley – executive producer
Adam Svatek – editor, Haircut
Adam Pillon – editor, Veggies
Brian Billow – director

Mother’s Day credits:

Chief Creative Officer:                         David Lubars

Executive Creative Director:                Erik Fahrenkopf

Executive Creative Director:                LP Tremblay

Executive Creative Director:               Stephen McMennamy

Creative Director:                                Alex Russell

ACD/Art Director:                                Mike Hanley

ACD/Art Director:                                Jesse Snyder

ACD/Copywriter:                                  Mark Billows


Executive Producer:                             Julie Collins

Producer:                                             Jessica Jacklin


Production Company:                          Caviar

Director:                                              Jorma Taccone

Director of Photography:                     Damian Acevedo

Executive Producer:                            Michael Sagol

Line Producer:                                     BP Cooper


Editing Company:                                 Lost Planet

Editor:                                               Chris Huth

Editor:                                                  Paul Snyder

Executive Producer:                             Krystn Wagenberg

Producer:                                            Lauren Hafner Addison


Visual Effects:                                      Spontaneous NY

Producer:                                             Bryce Edwards