Ask AgencySpy Anything You Like, But Please Allow us to Respond

By Matt Van Hoven 

I can’t tell you how often we receive anonymous tips from fine folks looking to give us info or ask a question. These are good things, because we like helping out when we can. But please, for the love of David Ogilvy, and stupid jokes, let us know how we can respond to you. We don’t bite or turn people in to their respective agencies. We probably don’t know who you are, yet, so help a friend out!

Also, to the person who wants to borrow our identity for a press conference, not gonna haps. Thanks for reaching out though.

In case you have trouble reaching us:
email &#151 agencyspy at mediabistro dot com
twitter &#151
IM &#151 agencyspy
phone &#151 212.547.7935