As We Predicted, JWT London’s Alison Burns Lost Her Spot

By Matt Van Hoven 

The second we heard that Tim Hipperson, former CEO of RMG Connect (now part of JWT) was taking over at JWT London, presiding CEO Alion Burns would be getting a new job.

Luckily for her, she stayed with the same company. Unluckily, she had to move to New York in order to remain employed. But we’ve been to London, and it’s nothing to shake a falafel at. Nonetheless, we report to you today that Burns is headed stateside to act as Global Client Services Director. That’s four letters, not three, and only one of them is a “c” &#151 and since the remaining are consonants and not vowels (“e” & “o”) we presume she’s not happy about the shake up.

Rosemarie Ryan and Ty Montague will be her bosses, and Burns will remain on JWT’s Executive Committee. She’ll retain her current client responsibilities, which include the Diamond Trading Company. She’ll also work with Diageo, Kimberly-Clark, J&J and Nestle.

We’re sure she wouldn’t be the one to tell us such a tale. Was she happy about this? Was there a big blowout fight during the meeting leading up to this announcement? If you know more about this story, feel free to share the details. AgencySpy at gmail dot com, IM/Twitter AgencySpy.

From a spy: “Burns is going to be head of NY. Asia, is going to take a more significant creative role globally now that Davis is leaving. Ryan and Montague will get a second place prize with some made up positions. Think of the christening scene in the godfather. Bob Jeffery is making his move again.”