Aruba Tourism Authority Revs Up Engine as Media Agency of Record

By Erik Oster 

Full-service agency Engine would like to help convince you to go to Aruba at some point in the future. We hear they have nice beaches and such.

Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) appointed Engine as its media agency of record, following a review facilitated by AAR & Partners president Lisa Colantuono.

In a statement, Engine global CEO Kasha Cacy, one of Adweek’s 2019 Women Trailblazers, said that she was excited to be working with Aruba Tourism Authority at a pivotal moment for the travel industry, adding, “I am also personally proud of how our team united together during the pitch process, which was done entirely via Zoom and under lockdown due to Covid-19!”


“Having seen the level of personal and innovative services, experience and professionalism that Engine offers, we are thrilled to partner with the agency to work on a crucial part of our brand strategy,” Aruba Tourism Authority CEO Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes said in a statement. “In our current unprecedented environment and highly competitive market, Engine brings an expertise in digital marketing that will allow the ATA, and ultimately Aruba, to elevate our overall media efficiency and effectiveness.”

As media agency of record, Engine will be tasked with developing and activating overall media strategy for Aruba Tourism Authority in the U.S., including media planning and buying, audience building, and data consultation, measurement and analytics.

Engine svp, media Kyle Krueger told AgencySpy that the travel industry was facing “unprecedented disruption,” including changing consumer mindsets and concerns, evolving customer journeys and navigating health restrictions and protocols.

“Because of this, the challenge is to identify, prioritize and optimize marketing solutions which can jump-start visitation but also mitigate financial risk and are quickly adaptable to changing conditions. For many travel clients, the marketing in these conditions isn’t just about improving campaign performance; it’s about helping an entire destination or region rebuild their revenue streams and the livelihood of the people who live there,” he said, adding that Engine’s “strategically minded performance media team … rooted in process and supported by robust in-house research and technology groups” was well-equipped to help clients with such challenges.

“We also realize in these challenging times, we’re part of something bigger and can have an impact on more than just the bottom line. Understanding and empathizing with our client’s circumstances provides a deeper meaning to the work and a rallying point for our teams,” he said.