Art Directors Gone Wild: Steven Rood

By SuperSpy 

Remember when we were looking for art directors gone wild? We got a bit sidetracked, but we’re bringing the series back and in full effect. Steven Rood is a freelance senior art director at Chiat LA where he’s been on hand to help with their creative since 2002. Rood also happens to be a fine art photographer. Some of his shots are kind of like a photo version of an Andrew Wyeth painting, no? Anyway, catch this – part of his sales go to various conservation groups.

Here’s Rood’s story of breaking out of art director hell and into the wild:


“I quit my full time staff job as an Associate Creative Director back in 99 to spend more time wandering the wild places. When I’m not freelancing for Chiat or Team One or Ground Zero of course. Luckily with many years of faking it in advertising under my belt, I’ve gathered a large group of friends whom I can count on to buy my work and keep me from having to give up champagne for Pabst Blue Ribbon. Thus my work is well collected. From worldwide creative directors (pssst – Lee Clow) to agency producers to creatives to production companies and actors, my work hangs on some pretty cool walls. Take a gander at my Bio and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve had several solo and group shows. I’ve won awards. I’ve been published. And people call me by my first name at Samy’s camera.

Yes children, there is a life outside of 14 hour days and working weekends. A place where you can create and make money and nobody tells you to make the logo bigger.”