Art Directors and Kim Kardashian’s Butt Will Save the Media

By Patrick Coffee 

You may have heard that the media is dying. Or something like that.

A couple of Miami Ad School students/freelance art directors would like to help remedy that situation in their own way with the assistance of a very potent weapon: Kim Kardashian’s butt.

In what cannot possibly be a ploy to win attention from those very same clickbait-crazy media enablers, art directors/interns Jen Garcia of 360i and Carl Larsson of Havas came up with an idea to bring more attention to serious events around the world via the aforementioned reality star’s famously plump posterior.

Their website, The Big Ass News, shares primarily tragic international stories from outlets like the BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian and more. In order to read these stories, however, one must literally click on Kim’s butt.

Here’s another example:

kim k butt 2

Garcia tells us that the two came up with the idea when discussing the fact that most people their age “probably know more about Kim Kardashian’s ass” than other, more important matters affecting the world at large. They labeled the project “a cultural wake-up call” and they aim to take the focus away from Kim’s butt…by forcing readers to focus on Kim’s butt.

In explaining the side project, Garcia calls it “a serious issue expressed in a humorous way” and compares the current state of media to that of fast food, writing:

“We’re slowly changing…now we’re questioning our food more and more and altering our food habits, and so are fast food companies.

We as a society know we need to improve…The media is going to give us whatever is getting them clicks. So it’s up to us to want to make that change.”

We can’t say whether projects like Big Ass News will in any way make the average reader more conscious about clicking on things like this very story, but it has earned the pair a bit of attention…and it will probably make for a good addition to their portfolios as they look for work in the agency world.

It made you click, didn’t it?

(No media outlets were harmed in the making of this completely disposable blog post. But the meta is making us dizzy.)