Arnold Worldwide Brands Volvos for ‘Real People’

By Jordan Teicher 

Shots fired! According to this new car spot from Arnold Worldwide, Volvos are for real people, but Mercedes-Benzes are for snooty women of the 1% who preen at themselves in rearview mirrors. This is some good, clean class warfare, automobile-style, and luxury brands better watch out.

A few years ago, a Volvo was a boring car for people who needed affordable transportation. Now, the price hasn’t changed much, but the image has shifted slowly. It’s not that crazy to think that someone with enough money would pick a Volvo over a Benz. And the new spot tugs at the right cords of today’s economic realities to make the comparison seem not only feasible, but preferable. There are also a few campaign teasers on Facebook that flesh out the appeal of Volvo as “luxury for real people,” including: If your dog has a wardrobe, the Volvo s60 probably isn’t for you. Now they’re going after snobby women and people who dress up their dogs! More shots fired, Volvo. I’m in. Credits after the jump.


Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat

Global Creative Director: Paul Stechshulte

Creative Director: Luke Perkins

ACD/Art Director: Maureen Gawron

ACD/Copywriter: Carolyn Zigmund

Producer: Bill Goodell

Assistant Producer: Claire Townsend

Business Affairs: Anne Joynt

Planners: Keiron Monahan

Strategy: Erika Hakansson

Marketing Producers: Don Lane, Joe Roman, Marilla Lane, Tara Smith


Production Company: Anonymous Content

Production Company Executive Producer: Eric Stern

Production Company Line Producer: John Benet

Director: Malcolm Venville

Cinematographer: Paul Cameron, ASC

Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors

Editor: Adam Pertofsky

Colorist: Tom Poole, Company 3

Sound Designer: Mike Secher 

Music Composers: Wolf At The Door

Sound Engineer: Mike Secher

VFX:  Brickyard VFX Boston/Sean McLean, Dave Waller, Jimi Simmons