Arnold Profiles Your Least Favorite Hipster Friend for Progressive

By Patrick Coffee 

We all know someone like this guy. We may even be a little more like him than we care to admit.

In the latest Facebook campaign for Progressive, Arnold Worldwide looks to “break through the News Feed clutter” by throwing a harsh spotlight on “Baby Man”, a dude who resembles more than a few of our friends…in that he still doesn’t pay for his own car insurance.

In case you’re still wondering what a Facebook video campaign looks like, there’s vomit involved:


More spots after the jump.

Seems the “man” in question is just as annoying at the office:

…and again:

SPOILER: he’s both odious and gassy.

The campaign is well-tailored to our Facebook feeds, which closely resemble its unholy mashup of immature adults and clueless babies who will almost certainly uncover the evidence in ten years and use it as a signal for the rebellion to begin.

The actor also happens to look about 35–a fact that, frankly, hits even closer to home.

On the other hand, he definitely doesn’t live in New York.


Progressive’s Baby Man campaign

Agency: Arnold Worldwide

Executive Creative Director: Pete Johnson and Wade Devers

Group Creative Director: Sean McBride

Art Director: Alyssa Wilson Georg

Copywriter: Joshua Kahn

Producer: Jaime Guild, Kathy McMann

Assistant Producer: Lauren Landry


Business Affairs: Kim Stevens, Lisa Mercier

Planner: Milla Stolte

Marketing Producers: Elliott Seaborn, Val Bettini, Caitlin Moran, Kelley Stenberg, Dorothy Johnson

Social Media: Matt Karolian, Brandon Schug, Cristin Barth


Production Company: 3rd Street Mining Company

Production Company Executive Producer: John LaChapelle

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Director: Ben Hurst & Dave Thomas

Cinematographer: Munn Powell

Editorial Company: Editbar

Editor: Reuter

Audio mix: Soundtrack Boston / Engineer: Brian Heidebrecht

Color/Conform/Clean up/Rig Removal: Zero VFX