Arnold Creates a Beer Vending Machine

By Bob Marshall 

Your agency might have a beer or two in the fridge, but does your agency have its own branded beer in its own specialized vending machine that can use Twitter to communicate with drinkers? Unless you’re at Arnold Boston, the answer is probably no.

Every year, Arnold sets aside $100,000 for the “Make Project,” an initiative that encourages employees to “manage less and make more.” Out of this initiative came the Beer Vending Machine, perhaps the most technologically advanced vending machine since those crazy touchscreen machines that allow you to add a variety flavors to popular Coke products. (Grape-flavored Sprite is not recommended.)


As we’re told, the “RFID-enabled vending machine has a touchscreen interface, is temperature aware and has Soundtube. It also has a personality – through the fob it will recognize who you are and greet you with ‘Hi (person’s name),’ and will talk you through your vending experience. The touch screen interface is set up for Twitter communication (you can tweet from the machine) and data visualization (you can choose to see how much beer was consumed each day of the week). In addition, there’s an ‘alepedia’ that allows you to learn more about each of the brews.”

Currently, the Arnold beer vending machine offers six different types of brew (picture below), and the agency will create more “specific to seasons, events, people and even clients, inviting others at the agency to become involved in the brewing process.” Hey Arnold, is there any way you could send AgencySpy a case of Arnold Pilsner? You know, for purposes of more in-depth reporting?