Arnold, Adam Lisagor Answer Your Questions for CenturyLink

By Erik Oster 

Arnold launched its first campaign for CenturyLink, after winning agency of record duties last November, calling on Adam Lisagor of Sandwich Video to provide direct, simple answers to questions prospective customers might have while keeping the humor dry and subtle.

Lisagor, who stars in and also directed the series of spots comes across as honest, to-the-point and likeable in the spots, which Arnold is no doubt hoping sets the brand apart from others in the industry such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Each of the spots begins with a question, followed by a simple answer which Lisagor then expounds upon. In “Is Prism TV Any Good?” Lisagor answers with a basic “Yeah, I like it,” before explaining all the reasons to get the service over its competitors, while in “Will My Price Change?” he explains that the three-year price lock doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with a contract, but rather “That just means the price won’t change…for three years.” The approach gives the impression that, like Lisagor, the service is simple and direct, without the tricks other cable providers throw at their customers.


“He puts it in a voice that is very relatable and human. It has a wink to it, always has a smile to it, but it’ s not over the top, ” Elliott Seaborn, a managing director on the CenturyLink account, told Adweek, speaking of Lisagor. “It is in service of actually delivering and educating people on what they’re getting, very transparently, very honestly,” he added. “That’s what we were going for. I mean that honesty right now is in complete opposition to every single cable and Internet provider in the U.S. So, that’s why we were attracted to him.”

The six broadcast spots, which rolled out over the past week, are part of a larger campaign including digital and social elements.