Are These Really Dodge/Chrysler’s New Slogans?

By Kiran Aditham 

Sergio Marchionne’s reinvention of the Chrysler brand apparently continues as, an online hub dedicated to all things pertaining to the automaker, is reporting that two trademark filings were made last month. For what, you ask? Well, if the site is correct, it’s for new Dodge and Chrysler slogans, which respectively read as follows:

-“Life is best when driven”

-“Imported from Detroit”

According to Allpar, the “Imported” tag at least reflects “the tighter, lighter-feeling new suspension tuning of the 2011 models.” We have to agree with the site Motor Authority (which believes this news to be pretty legit) the  that this particular slogan piques our interest, but is this really Fiat’s way of embracing its alliance with Chrysler? Or was this created by one of the company’s several U.S. agencies? Whatever the case , one commenter on the Motor Authority item has already taken issue with this purported new messages, saying “I work for an ad agency and I think I’d fire my copywriter if that was the best he or she could do.” Would you do the same?