Apres Tiger, L’Elephant

By Kiran Aditham 

Accenture is leaving the Woods for the zoo as the brand has unveiled its first post-Tiger campaign (created by Y&R) that includes the, um, surfing elephant above. According to the Wall Street Journal, the global consulting firm is shelling out $40-50 million for the ad push, which Accenture says is about the same they spent when Tiger Woods was still in the fold.

Y&R tells the WSJ that animal ads tested well with Accenture, which seems to prefer the kind of imagery one would see on a 4th grade classroom wall. The agency used stock and original photography to create the ads, which also include a chameleon, fish and frogs and will be placed in 69 airports around the country according to the report. Accenture meanwhile says that it hasn’t suffered an “economic impact” by dropping its most high-profile pitchman.


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