Apple’s Latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ Spot Shows Us Why Canada Is Way More Optimistic Than the U.S.

By Patrick Coffee 

Apple is back with another one of its “shot on iPhone” ads just in time for the device’s 10th anniversary and a whole bunch of fanboy takes about how This One Product Has Totally Changed the World.

This time, however, the theme is a bit more specific than usual. It’s about Canada, and how that country is suddenly an island of inclusiveness in an increasingly hostile world!

This is particularly topical given that the U.S. has witnessed a sharp decline in international opinion over the past six-plus months for some completely unknown reason. Who needs to collaborate with Germany anyway?


“My vision as a professional photographer, and as a Canadian, was to personally seek out and explore the stories of this vast country through the unique lens of iPhone,” said Caitlin Cronenberg, who played a dual role here as both the picture-taker and the daughter of David Cronenberg. “We saw the people, we met the people, we shot the people and places.”

Humble the Poet, who narrated the whole thing, added, “Canada now represents an unparalleled freedom. We’re not simply tolerant, we celebrate and live diversity on our own terms.”

The ad was created by Media Arts Lab in coordination with Apple’s in-house team and the music was by A Tribe Called Red, which mixes contemporary styles with those of indigenous Canadians.

In conclusion, Eastern Promises was a great movie and a cool glimpse into our future membership in the Russian mob.