Apple Took Its iPhone Ad Private. Sorry

By Kiran Aditham 

Sorry folks, it was a glorious hour or so that we had this iPhone ad from TBWA\MAL that featured a Delta app from AKQA up on the site, but someone who probably hates us made it private. We are digging deep to exhume this beast. Maybe it was Bob’s write-up that did it? Who knows, but it was totally not worth it with the condescending tripe that was put forth (and this coming from an iPhone owner). If someone has another embed before the enforcers arrive, send it over. Here’s Bob’s original item below so you have some background:

Just look at you, sitting there smugly and playing with your Android phone. Okay, it has apps, but does it have the iPhone App Store? What, no? Huh, that’s what Apple thought. But, whatever, you’re an adult now. You need to learn from your mistakes.

If you want to be a loser, it’s your call, but Apple isn’t going to come running in to save the day when you don’t have enough cash for a cup of coffee. And another thing: Apple and TBWA\Media Arts Lab warned you about having to carry your plane ticket from the terminal to the flight deck. Things get lost and airports are big. Too bad you didn’t have that awesome Delta Air Lines app from AKQA for the iPhone. Oh well.


Listen, Apple isn’t trying to be condescending here. Apple’s just saying it’s not going to be there to bail you out every time you get into trouble. You have a Macbook? Great. But, hey, if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone, you know?

Update: Well, here’s a shaky cam version you can deal with for the time being. Thanks tipster!