Apparently, Julie Spoleti Wasn’t Fired

By Matt Van Hoven 

We received this note from G2 today, three days after we posted that Julie Spoleti had been let go.

“False alarm: Julie Spoleti has not been let go from G2.”

Interesting, since this story was sourced from multiple people &#151 with names, mind you, not anonymously. Anyway, here’s the memo that went out to G2 staff, from Wendy Lurrie:

Some of you may be aware of a rumor on Agency Spy that states that Julie Spoletti was let go from G2. I’d like to clear up any misconceptions about this matter: Julie has not been let go from G2.

Julie is a valued member of our team and we look forward to working with her.

OK, well, what happened then? The agency rep. was clear to say she wasn’t fired and there was no dispute on the Lilly account but noted:

“Like all businesses, we are continually evaluating our internal resources to ensure that the right people are aligned with the right assignments and, perhaps, conversations were taken out of context vis a vis Julie Spoletti’s employment with G2.”

This is in no way an admission of error on our part. I still stand by that story, but won’t speculate as to what happened in this situation. Anyone care to offer some answers? This is the last we heard, from a third source &#151 this one anonymous: “Eli Lilly is a pharma client but story is otherwise dead on accurate.” We initially reported that Eli Lilly insurance was G2’s client, hence the tip.

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