AOR Musical Chairs: Vitamin Water Moves To BBH

By SuperSpy 

What were we saying about Berlin Cameron the other day? Oh right. They are waist deep in the shit. Well, guess what? Now they’re buried up to their noses. Vitaminwater has separated from the agency and moved their account to BBH. Holy crapola, Batman. Seems like The Boys Club policy here in New York of having staffers chip in $150 a month for their health insurance was a very smart move. We’re sure they are eagle eyeing other cost cutting measures. Let us just hope it doesn’t come down to people.

The economy has forced some serious limitations on agencies looking to stay in the black or even, increase their revenue:


– Campaigns have been put on hold by CMOs

– Fewer established brands are willing to launch that new product. Anyone recall the mysterious Microsoft phone agencies were pitching for a few months back?

– Companies that were just big enough to need advertising support may be experiencing slower growth and rethinking hiring a shop at all. And guess what? Obama has no written provisions for small businesses in that gigantic stimulus package. Great. The tipping point may have disappeared for many folks.

– And foremost, brands are unhappy with their sales numbers, desperate for a boost in sales anyway they can get it. Often, that means pointing the figure at your ad agency. Deserved or not.

Staying in business is going to come to one simple thing – whose client can you steal? BBDO took back Jeep. BBH snags Vitamin Water. BMW is looking for an out at GSD&M and everyone seems to be looking for another dance parter rather than continuing to tango with Cliff Freeman. Keep your eye out. We’re sure that AOR music chairs will only continue.

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